Next year’s Spring Break can hold memories for a lifetime

If you are a freshman this year and are looking at sophomore ECG classes, think about taking your ECG in the spring: Guatemala: Faces of Justice (includes spring break short-term study abroad)

Next year’s Spring Break can hold memories for a lifetime.

  • Picture yourself in Guatemala, on the shores of picturesque Lake Atitlan.
  • Imagine helping children in a school in a Mayan village.
  • Imagine working on a coffee plantation alongside Mayan men, picking Fair Trade coffee.

This ECG course focuses on how people in a poor country like Guatemala are making remarkable strides towards full human development after centuries of repression and impoverishment. Learn the past, present, and potential future of a great people who have worked against the odds to build lives of dignity for their families.

In this spring semester 2016 course, you will study about the people of Latin America and then on spring break will go as a class to beautiful San Lucas Mission to meet, work alongside, and learn from the Mayan people of Guatemala.

At all times you will be traveling with Cabrini professors in a safe environment. The additional cost of approximately $1,200 covers all expenses including air fare, hotel, and food. Knowledge of Spanish is NOT necessary but very helpful.

To learn more, contact Dr. Jerry Zurek ( or Dr. Raquel Green ( Visit and

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