Lobbying: What are the skills students develop by lobbying?

DSC04828Lobbying on international human rights issues–how to explain skills learned?

Since April 2008–six years now–Cabrini students have been going to DC to lobby, first once a year and now every semester. What skills are they developing? How can they highlight the dispositions and skills on their resumes and Linkedin?

Here’s a tentative list. This is a first draft of the skills that could be listed on a resume. How would you modify the list?

Advocated and lobbied in the U.S. Congress on Human Rights issues

  • Studied the Millennium Development Goals, their implementation around the world, and plans for post-2015.
  • Selected and developed expertise in the area of (name any area you have developed expertise on).
  • Worked to understand the Federal legislative and budget process.
  • Researched policy positions of global development organizations, such as Catholic Relief Services, NETWORK Lobby, the US Global Leadership Coalition, Bread for the World, Interaction, and others.
  • Developed policy positions based on principles of Human Rights, Catholic Social Teaching, as well as an understanding of effective methods of international development.
  • Wrote advocacy presentations on Foreign Aid budget accounts focused on poverty reduction and emergencies.
  • Arranged and presented in-depth positions to Senate and House foreign affairs aides.


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