Cabrini faculty deepen commitment to mission during 3-day immersion experience

Fourteen Cabrini University faculty learned from a master teacher of social justice, who, by his own admission, said he could read only on a third-grade level. David had spent 25 years on the streets of Philadelphia, homeless. He is now a staff member at Project HOME, In all that time, David resisted social workers’ requests because he felt they were …

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Focus on Climate Change in Ghana

The December 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference was a landmark because countries such as the US, China, and India finally joined most of the rest of the world in an action plan to reduce carbon emissions and global warming. In addition, the Green Climate Fund was established to assist developing countries to adapt to the effects of climate change and to mitigate …


Where were we in Ghana?

We flew into Accra and spent the night. Then we flew up to Tamale and spent the night. Then we drove to Bugeya and spent the day and a night. Then we drove for three hours to Kpatia and spent the day and night. Then we drove back to Tamale where we spent three days at a conference at the …

Kelly Parsley. public health expert with Carroll College and CRS, meets with girls to discuss their experience of menstruation.

Why free pads are essential for girls in poor communities

Just as mosquito nets or polio vaccines are essential for keeping families healthy, free menstrual pads should be viewed in the same way. Kelly Parsley, chair of public health sciences at Carroll College (Montana) and chair of the Lewis and Clark County Board of Health, came to that conclusion after visiting villages in the northern region of Ghana and speaking with …


What’s it like to be a young woman in northern Ghana?

First of all, I wouldn’t presume to know the answer to that question, but here is a little of what we 11 university professors working with CRS have learned so far. We have met with and spoken to some remarkable young women who have impressed us all with their intelligence, poise, and forthrightness. Our group’s focus during this week with …


The way it should be: working together for the Common Good

Yesterday and today we 11 university professors traveling with Catholic Relief Services in Ghana were warmly welcomed by village chieftains and Muslim imams. We entered the chieftain’s home on Monday and the imam prayed with and for us. In return the CRS representative presented our thanks. As we sat together both days, we, as a delegation representing CRS, and they, …

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It’s about the children

When you come right down to it, it’s for the children. We were able to sit with these young children here. We also spent time sitting and talking with teen boys and girls like these. When you do that, you can see the universal hope that parents have for their children. Today in the village of Bugya we saw the incredible …


CRS Water 101

The 11 university faculty from around the US all brought considerable background to water, sanitation, and health (WASH) issues. We come from around the US and were selected by CRS for an 11-day immersion into its approach to WASH in Ghana. We are professors and researchers in engineering, marketing, peace building, public health, environmental science, and more. But what we …


Our day starts with a shower

Our day started at 6 a.m. at a hotel in Baltimore. Our CRS organizer, Kim Lamberty, and her diligent assistant, Gladys Files, had found a more-than-comfortable hotel for our one night in the city before we – 11 professors from around the country – departed for Ghana to study water, sanitation, and hygiene. My hotel room, although standard in accommodations, …

Cabrini College students participate in a lobby day arranged with the help of CRS.  The students met with a staff person for New Jersey senator Robert Menendez to discuss foreign aid.

Advocacy gives young adults a way to ‘lead for change’

The website “ConfrontGlobalPoverty.Org” interviewed me about teaching young adults to do advocacy. Here is a portion of the interview. Young adults today are growing up in a time of political polarization, cynicism about leaders and often a lack of inspiration. They are disengaged from the traditional processes of citizenship. While they are often generous and involved with service, the larger …


An Education of the Heart in ECG 100

Refugees Seeking Safety simulation began as a topic of study within a course, grew into a Cabrini Day project, but then continued outside of class through the spring semester as new opportunities occurred. What engaged these students and how did their engagement grow? 1. Finding a topic. The topic itself, within the broader course theme, captured their imaginations. The ECG 100 …

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The wrong side of history

Are there defining moments and choices that set the direction of our life or is it really an amassing of many small choices that makes us who we are?

Cabrini students head out to Occupy Philly and Wall Street

Felicia Melvin was the first. She made a great video. Then the Wolf went into Philly on Wednesday. Cabrini Convergence went to Philly and DC on the weekend. Kelsey, Danielle, and Roxanne headed up to NYC. “ ON OUR WAY TO NEW YORK! Excited to see the MSCs and #OccupyWallStreet! @kelsey_kastrava @DanielleAlio Prayers much appreciated! #AMGSsCJ RoxanneDLT October 13, 2011 …

I decided to enter Nick Kristof’s Win-a-Trip contest

With the provocative title, “Now Grandma Can Win a Trip Too,” Nick Kristof opened up his contest to people over 60. One young person and one old person can report with him in developing countries. Here’s my entry.